For Employers

Recruitment for our partners in EU countries

  • Recruitment, personnel search, and selection are carried out in accordance with our partners’ agreements. The majority of our collaboration partners are recruitment firms in other European nations, although on occasion we also hire employees directly from a Latvian company for brief projects lasting up to six months annually.
  • For countries in Europe, we mostly hire people from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine. Our unique advantage is that, even after successful hiring, we remain available to assist with communication and the resolution of any administrative problems that can emerge while working abroad. We choose both highly qualified and less qualified employees.
  • If you are looking for highly skilled or unskilled personnel, please contact us via Phone or e-mail at and we can discuss our potential cooperation.

Long-term staffing in Latvia

Employees from Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and other countries are among those employed. From loaders and sorters to IT professionals, we provide long-term staffing or leasing of qualified personnel and auxiliary workers for a variety of industries. We prepare all official documentation required for working in Latvia (work visa or residency permit, mandatory health examination, work safety instruction, and, in collaboration with the customer, accommodation).

Staff seeking and selection

  • We seek and pick qualified, and professionals in a variety of spheres of operation.
  • We leverage a database that we and our collaboration partners maintain, as well as our experience in employee seeking and selection.
  • We value and respect our clients and candidates, which is why we promise not to reveal any confidential information to third parties.
  • We advise working together to find the finest solutions, which you can entrust to Staff4You HR professionals.